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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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Traveling from the San Francisco bay area and visiting his hometown of Butte, MT over the Christmas holidays, our friend Fr. Esteban received a minor favor from Mary Kay and George. Along with it came this Butterfly coin. We talked about Kindness. I said I love the idea of these coins; they remind me of an outdoor billboard campaign a year or two ago by some Catholic Sisters. The billboards read, "Kindness. Get in the Habit." And they were signed at the bottom, "Catholic Sisters of the Upper Mississippi Valley." I believe these coins will serve as the same kind of "moving" reminder. Fr. Esteban told of an Orbis book, "The Way of Kindness." It's part of a trilogy, the others being "The Way of Gratitude," and soon "The Way of Forgiveness." This butterfly will have a happy journey.

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