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Ulysses ā€“ 1st Edition ā€“ 2018
Started by GaryM53
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I was honored to be gifted this coin from one of the best nurses I admired most in my nursing career . Her name is Bailey. Thank you Bailey for the encouragement, guidance & for believing in me even if I doubted myself/ abilities at times. I am now gifting this coin to Neneth who is a dear friend of mine since we're in grade 1. She is kind, knowledgeable & a hard working person. She helps a lot & I'm sure she will find another recipient for this coin too.

So Cindy passed me this coin and it was much appreciated, since she played such a pivotal role in me adapting to my new job and she remained my go to person. Now the coin has moved on to Margie who expressed how grateful she was for the assistance and guidance I provided her. I am happy I had that impact on her life. Margie is genuinely sweet and kind and Iā€™m sure she will find another recipient for this coin soon. Thanks Cindy.

I was gifted this coin from one of the kindest and most given persons I know, thank you Gail.
I would like to pass it along to a co-worker and friend, Bailey RN. Bailey is the nurse you want at your bedside, she is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and dedicated nurses I have had the pleasure to work with. Thank you Bailey, now keep this Butterfly coin going on its wings of kindness.

Thanks for the feedback Gail. Daffy Duck had been helping me search for a person like you and am so glad we found you. Have a fantastic day and don't forget to smile!

This coin was gifted to me by one of Lauren's great points of light. I am an HR Manager for our Company, and as such, I have the privilege of hiring some of the best folks on the planet. Our Fabrication Facility and jobsites are full of fitters, welders, and other crafts who have the biggest hearts and spread the love of Christ and joy of life wherever they go. I love offering jobs to people who have sometimes been through a rough patch. Second chances are one of God's biggest blessings, and I am a grateful girl because of His mercy.

I am now gifting my coin to one of the most compassionate and hard working person I know. Cindy E is a nurse who changes lives every day with her knowledge and care. Thank you, Cindy! Now send this butterfly coin on its wings of kindness!

This is the 8th coin that I will pass along. It was given to another special Lauren family member to pass forward in the hope it will bring smiles to each and everyone it comes in contact with. Thanks Gail for all you do to help make our company geeat!

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