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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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This site stemmed from my favorite book sharing site, I became interested and ordered a few coins a week or so ago.

Side story: On the way home from work tonight I decided to stop at a soap lab that just opened. I love pretty soap, aromatic beautiful soap. I walk in, was greeted by the friendly owner right away, she gave me a tour of the place including the lab, where she pours her secret incredient formulas into soap molds and cuts them into bars.

She explains that God told her the secret formula. And, she has created a Random Act of Kindness charity, where bars of soap are given to random strangers. She asked if I wanted a few, I said yes, that would be great, I'll share them with the ladies at work. She gives me more, with a beautiful bag and a golden butterfly to put on top. Then asks me to draw a word card from a box of tiny square cards. I picked Always Forgive. Her assistant, instantly says I want to pray for her, can we all gather 'round to pray. And, they do. We all hold hands; the owner, the assistant and owner's sister from the lab, and I form a circle and they say a prayer over me, that filled me with their love and spirit. I cried, they said that happens all the time in their store....

I got home, and decided to log this story as it has inspired me to share these coins I have.

Remember, you can really make a person's day with just a smile, a kind word, opening a door. It doesn't have to cost money, just your time...

Pay it forward, don't keep the coin, keep it moving. Give it to someone who really needs a pick-me-up.

Keep and use the soap! 😊


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