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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by Mariposa
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Edie still has this coin since I gave it to her in Pasadena... May she pass the coin on to others with a prayer and act of kindness!

This is my 2nd coin and it is going to a new friend and sister in Christ, Edie. I am gifting this to her along with a cloth with the oil from the Bible that is leaking oil for healing in her eye. The oil is from HisNameIsFlowingOil.org and I had the honor of seeing the Bible that is leaking oil up close and personal recently in Costa Mesa.

I recently met Edie at Jesus Church in Pasadena, California and she has been such a wonderful friend and teacher. Thank you Edie. Enjoy the cloth and I know your eye is already being restored and now you got oil straight from heaven!

Enjoy passing on this butterfly coin along with an act of kindness. May the acts of kindness that accompany this coin be a blessing to all who receive them. Love, Mari 🦋

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