Terry -Good Shepherd

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by Mariposa
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8 miles traveled


Terry still has this coin since I gave it to him at Good Shepherd church ... May he pass the coin on to others with a prayer and act of kindness!

This is the first coin I begin and I pass it on to Terry in honor of the random act of kindness he did for me and my daughter exactly one year ago. In reality though, his kindness wasn’t random at all as he was being obedient to the Holy Spirit to come talk to us that faithful day at Wal-mart in Baldwin Park, California in January 2018.

Through his act of selfless kindness I was led to The Good Shepherd Family Bible Church in Whittier, California, an amazing spirit-filled church that is a blessing to all who walk through its doors. For me this church has been an answered prayer in so many ways.

Thank you Terry for listening to the Holy Spirit and taking action! Thank you for always inviting the angels with your playing of your shofar and filling the church with it’s powerful and beautiful sounds! You and your lovely wife are such a blessing to all who know you and come in contact with.

I know you will pass on the coin with another not so random act of kindness, perhaps to another Good Shepherd family member. God bless you and yours always Terry. May the acts of kindness that accompany this coin be a blessing to all who receive it. Love, Mari 🦋

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