Coin 2hbt

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by Deborah-Vangel
2 storytellers
7 miles traveled


The person I gave this coin to is very deserving. She decided that on her birthday that she wanted to give back to veterans. She along with the help of a few others made chili, corn bread muffins and dessert, along with bringing water, cheese, crackers and oranges to the VA Community Resource Referral Center to help feed veterans in need. The veterans were very thankful for this and some of them even came back for seconds.
It is people like this that make the world a better place. Please keep up your kindness and know that it is greatly appreciated by several!!

I was the recipient of the coin on my birthday in 2019. I am passing the coin along to my good friend who is very crafty and creative. When COVID-19 hit and she was no longer able to clean houses for a living, she pivoted and decided to use her sewing skills to make masks and surgical caps. She became an essential worker by doing this. She spends countless hours sourcing the supplies for the masks and evolving them to the different needs. From making them with ties to using elastic to changing to an adjustable elastic. She continues to spend many trips to the post office to mail masks off to people who have purchased or she has donated to. She spent many hours figuring out how to make surgical scrub hats for the Veterans Administration. She has donated hundreds of beautiful masks. This kind soul is always looking for ways to use her crafting skills to bring joy to those in need.

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