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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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My daughter Colleen started the journey of this coin a few years ago. Well actually, she was the first recipient of the coin from her friend, Betty. Colleen hung onto the coin for years as it reminded her of the only man she really ever loved.
Colleen was diagnosed in October 2019 with breast cancer. She fought with chemo treatments and a mastectomy, only to learn the following year that there were now cancer cells in the other breast. She quickly had the other breast removed as well. She went through the pains of reconstruction surgeries only to learn a year later that the cancer had once again returned in her lymph node and was now inoperable. She was given the option of treating with medication, but the diagnosis was terminal. She researched her options and decided to live her best life with the time she had left. They gave her 6-9 months. She lived 18 months.
Colleen had a best friend in high school, TINille. They were typical high school friends, spending time and making memories, they managed to get into all sorts of trouble together, as high school girls usually do. (Not unlike her mother) They were together when Colleen met Joe Carroll, the man she would eventually marry. Although the marriage didn't last, She never lost the love that she had for him. Joe died shortly after the divorce and this is when she first got this coin.
After reconnecting with TiNille, Colleen gave the coin to her.
After Colleen passed on from this earthly life, TiNille sent me the coin as a comfort and to remind me of the love Colleen had for her friends and family. I am not quite ready to part with it. The day will come and the thoughts of her won't be so raw. When that day arrives, I will share it with another. I miss you baby girl. Thank you TiNille for being her friend and loving our family.

My dear friend Colleen passed away today, July 29,2023. She lives on in this coin she gifted me almost 6months ago.
I will hold onto the memory of her smile, her laughter and most of all her kind soul.
Colleen had a rough life and suffered greatly through accidents, surgeries, cancer, and so much more. She was the epitome of a woman with grit, determination and a rock hard faith in good things to come.
She lived six more months than the doctors predicted she would. I’m so proud of her determination to prove them wrong and have the strength to carry on even when it felt impossible. She has taught me that even through our greatest challenges, you will overcome.
I love you Leeny.
Tini and Leeny forever.
Fly free with the butterflies beautiful friend.

I have decided to pass this coin to her mother, Shari. For all her care and love and strength and amazing ability to be a caregiver for her daughter in such an incredible way. You are an example to all of us. I’m so sorry for your loss of your little girl. May you always remember her when you hold this coin in your hand. I love you!

My best friend Betty gifted this gorgeous butterfly coin to me after my ex-husband passed away in 2017. Betty is a truly amazing woman, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend. She would give you literally anything you are in need of, even if it would make HER struggle because of it. And she does not ever expect anything in return except friendship, love and respect. I have known her for 20+ years and wouldn't trade a single day of knowing her for anything in the world!

Butterflies always remind me of Joe. And his favorite color was blue. Having a coin with this blue butterfly was the perfect fit for me. I have held onto it for almost six years now, as it made me think of him. I currently have terminal cancer with an unknown number of days/months/years left. The doctors said they expected I would have 6-9 months left. January 15th, 2023 was the 9 month mark, and I passed it right on by. Every day going forward is a win!

I have decided to pass on this coin to my high school bestie, TiNille. I met her when I first moved to Leavenworth, WA in 1993, and from that day we were connected. We have amazing memories together including; sneaking out during sleepovers for some raspberry filled powdered donuts, cheerleading together under the Friday night lights, Summer camp, ditching school, etc.

We lost touch, as many do after high school. But she has always been there. And we always pick up...right where we left off. One week, one year, one decade. She is a true friend.

TiNille recently came to visit me from her home in California. We had a wonderful weekend making new memories and reliving old ones. I will never forget your kindness and love, TiNi. ❤️

I hope this coin brings her happiness and memories of our friendship. And I hope someday, she will pass it on and do something kind for another human.

Be good to eachother. Be kind. Love your fellow humans. If you find yourself in a position to help for their gas/groceries/diapers/etc. You never know when you may be in a position of needing something someday. If you are, hopefully someone will be there to help YOU out.

p.s. Always say "I love you!"

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