Coin 2hzv

Ulysses ā€“ 1st Edition ā€“ 2018
Started by Candieskullz
4 storytellers
1,023 miles traveled


I am gifting this coin to Mrs. Kleindl, one of our amazing Kindergarten teachers. It is always fun to listen to her incorporate music into her lessons and learning times.

I would like to honor Ms. C. (Leah Carrigan) with these "flamazing" hands. I look forward to the mornings that she spends in the library working with students who benefit from a little extra reading instruction. Leah teaches using encouragement, consistency, love, and of course a little humor!

I am giving the "flamazing" hands to Brenda Van de Steeg our Library Assistant. I'm always hearing about your story time in the Library. Keep up the good times in there.

Darrell Welker - Custodian

The beloved Administrative Assistants regifted our "Flamazing" signs made by Mrs. Vaillancourts wonderful students to our Custodian Extrodinaire, Darrell. He is always there at the other end of the two way radio when we call him. Darrell quickly cleans up spills, messes, the cafeteria, hallways, and preforms any other task we ask of him.

Mrs. Vā€™s class at West Elementary made cards and decorated the office space of our beloved Administrative Assistants

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