Coin 2k75

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by guest_h3fv3tx
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My friend gave me this coin for my journey to Michigan.
I'm gonna pass it on and see where it goes!

I was giving my buddy Max and his dad a haircut, and when I finished, Max handed it to me. He has always been such a nice kiddo to me. I have been cutting his hair since he has started getting haircuts. I always appreciate his kindness. I passed it to my friend Sean, who was so kind to wear his mask always , when I give him cuts. He is always kind to me and has been since the day I met him. Hope everyone can continue to spread kindness, especially in these times ❤️💜 Thanks Max!! Was so cool to get this from you! It made my day

We were walking our dog in the rain this morning and someone saw us and gave us this coin.

I love you.

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