Coin 2k9z

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by xK38x
2 storytellers
2,207 miles traveled


I got this coin from a good friend who gave it to me and another missionary while we were helping them figure out their relationship with God. I ended up taking it with me and moving home where I jumped around some jobs I hated but am giving this coin today to a friend and coworker who reminded me a lot of the friend I got this coin from. She helped me with a really difficult work environment and made going to work a lot easier, and gave a lot of really good life advice. Now that I'm getting married and she's moving to a new state I figured it was time to let the coin move on and collect new stories too!

I received this coin from my Aunt. My mother passed away in May of 2017. What makes this coin so special to us is not only the Butterfly (which was my moms favorite) but also because she was such a giving person. She always had an open door policy for anyone who needed somewhere to stay, enjoyed volunteering her time to raise money for our Veterans, and never let a person go hungry. I believe this coin is an appropriate way of honoring her and remembering her kindness.

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