Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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I received this coin from a former student. She emanates kindness everywhere she goes! She’s one of those students teachers never forget! I feel honored and blessed to have received this coin! I will pass it on to someone who brings joy to everyday!

Two years after receiving this coin from our in-laws, we found it amongst some other belongings. We remembered how neat it was when we received the coin and were excited to release it back into "the wild".

To the next recipient - We hope that by receiving this butterfly we were able to bless your life with some kindness. Please spread this kindness by blessing someone else and then passing along the coin to them so the butterfly can continue it's journey. Don't forget to log your experience here and to check back and see how far our butterfly has flown!

This coin was purchased as a Christmas gift and was given to my in-laws in hopes that they will do something kind for someone else this holiday season, or in the coming year. May it be well-received and spread kindness throughout its journey!

Note: The Butterfly Effect is, simply stated, the theory that small causes can have large effects. Please remember that if you were given this coin, it should be treated like a butterfly - admired for its beauty for awhile and then released back into the wild. To have the largest effect, it needs to continue on its journey!

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