Coin 2ksx

Ulysses ā€“ 1st Edition ā€“ 2018
Started by Jencarr
2 storytellers
187 miles traveled


This coin was gifted to me by my grandmother. I truly appreciate this gift, and it is very special to me. I am going through a hard time with battling anxiety and it was a gift of hope for me.

This coin was given to me by a friend that lives far away from me and we only see each other every now and then. I had kidney cancer and had my right kidney removed a few months ago. We reunited after a few years at a retirement party of a mutual friend. I believe she gave me the coin because of my courage in my third battle with the ugly disease called cancer. She told me that a random person gave her this coin and was told to pass it forward and she passed it to me. Iā€™m going to pass it to my granddaughter because she deserves an Act of Kindness for being such a joy to the world! šŸ¦‹ā¤ļø

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