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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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Hi I am Anne-in-uk
I was honored to have received this coin from Nancy.

My good deed was to help when a local rescue put the call out for assistance in rescuing 3 mares and their foals. I am pleased to report that they are now all safe and well and will be looking forward to new homes in the future.

I, like Nancy, treasure the friendships I have formed through FFRC. an amazing Nation, brought together because of Jacci Moss, a person whom has both inspired and educated me in so many ways.

God bless this coin as it goes on its way

I have received this butterfly coin from Discats.

I have of late, tried to share my grief of losing my son and the joy it
was in having him for 27 years. A gift.

Many people are out there that don't know where to turn and although I have no answers, I share how it came, that I could again get out of bed and smile. I hope I have helped someone with the hope for Peace.

I love FFRC!!!!! They are a good part of the reason I smile.

I'm DISCATS. I received this coin from Sara H.

I participated in a women's retreat to help us discover the fire within us and to use it to light up our lives (yours and mine). I provided cleaning products and children's items for spring cleaning and an Easter party for parents and children in a low income housing complex in the area.

I hope this butterfly goes far and lights up each life it touches.

This is EagleFan4Ever98 and I received this particular coin from Kris M.

My good deed for the day was to spend a few minutes listening and talking to my friend who is going through a very personal struggle right now.

Something I also do to "pay-it-forward" because I'm a huge fan of doing that is heading up our local high school Parent Advisory (or PTA) group. We are in the middle of our busy season right now as far as events, but I put my time and treasure into this group because the rewards are SO great! I love impacting people's futures by doing for them.

I received this coin from Jacci (FFRC), a wonderful lady who takes care of all of the cats and kittens at her rescue center. My "pass it forward" for this coin was taking dinner over to my elderly neighbor, who has been sick.

Kris Matheason
Shakopee, MN

This coin is originating at Friends of Felines Rescue Center at 14597 Power Dam Rd in Defiance, Ohio. My "pass it forward" for this coin was to provide goodies for students that needed a snack for after school, that had no funds to buy any. Jacci Moss of Defiance, OH

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