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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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Mycah Borisova Snyder, not long ago I was the recipient of a Butterfly Coin. It is a coin given the first time to someone with the heart to help others. Then in turn you pass the coin on to someone for whom you have done a selfless act of kindness. They then pass it on to someone else with their own act of kindness... The Butterfly Effect. I payed that coin forward. Since then I have purchased three coins of my own to start their own ripple through the world. With your #NailsForACauseByMycah you work so hard, with a smile on your face, to provide a future for women, you will never meet. You ARE the reason why we can all believe in the pure kindness of others. So I would like to present you with a Butterfly coin of your own. Do good and fly on... #ButterflyCoin .

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