Coin 2nrb

Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
Started by HamburgIowa
2 storytellers
40 miles traveled


My name is Bryant and I recieved this coin from a woman named Kim. I cannot thank her enough as well as the makers of these coins! I was just doing my job, and for someone to go out of their way to say thank you by giving me this coin felt so good. I look forward to finding someone and passing it on! No matter what I hear or see I choose to believe whole heartedly that there will always be more GOOD than there is bad.

I chose to give my coin to the young man who was working at Taco John's on January 7th of 2019 named Bryant. It was over the lunch crowd and crazy busy inside. He never once lost his composure, was very efficient, polite and easy going. All very good qualities to have inside and outside the workforce. Taco John should feel very thankful that they have an employee that is this conscientious of his job when serving the public. Awesome job and thank you for such great service Bryant! You made a difference in how the rest of my day played out!

This coin originated from the Awesome Possum Flea Market in Hamburg, Iowa. This is part of a project of 105 coins that are taking place in the Hamburg Iowa butterfly effect of kindness project. Please make sure that if you are given one of these awesome coins for whatever reason that you continue passing it on so that we can see how far this coins journey can go. While I know it is tempting to hang on to these cool coins, the whole point to our project is to see how far and how big of a difference these could make in somebody's lives.

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