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Ulysses – 1st Edition – 2018
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Oct. 19, 2019 - Karen Baker is a warm, wonderful and kind lady. I had the pleasure of meeting her at an Honor Flight orientation. Honor Flights are flights that take Veterans from World War II, the Korean War, etc., and go to the nation’s capitol to visit the Veteran’s Memorial and National Cemetery, at no cost to the Veteran. Karen is a tireless volunteer who is there for the Veterans from the time they get on the waiting list until they take the flight and even after they return. She often will step up and be a Guardian on the flight and take control of the trip while in DC. For these reasons, and many more, I am passing on the Butterfly Coin for her to enjoy and eventually pass on to another worthy candidate.
Jerry Sorrells

Nov 12, 2019. I received this beautiful coin today from Jerry at the 29th Honor Flight orientation at the Tucson International Airport. I was so honored and humbled by his gracious act of kindness. Jerry has a big heart and spreads his gratitude to veterans by presenting them with a wood pencil holder that he makes for each and every vet going on the honor flight. He shows up at every orientation and personally thanks the vets as he gives them his special gift. It is a privilege and honor to work with and know Jerry. His gift of passing on the coin to me was very heart warming.
Karen Baker

March 14. 2019 My husband and I met a gentleman at the Southeast VA clinic in Tucson, AZ. He is a retired businessman and he visits the area VA clinics weekly to give away wooden pen holders (that he makes himself) as a gift to veterans. We were so impressed by his selfless act of gratitude to service members! He goes to 3 different VA clinics throughout the week- spreading his joy and gratitude to the Veterans at each clinic. We are inspired by Jerry to express gratitude more freely. We are giving him this butterfly coin today.

We ordered this coin from Kevin and Kim @ The Awesome Possum in Hamburg, IA. Today we received it in the mail and we will be looking for an opportunity to let it fly here in Tucson, AZ!

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