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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by GeoJay603
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I am sending this beautiful coin to my friend in NY, along with some card making supplies. I have no doubt she will do a kindness for somebody and pass the coin along. :)

I received this lovely coin from my Facebook friend, Dorilee. I'm not sure WHY she gave it to me, but I feel very honored.
I had an abusive childhood. I was able to overcome that with the help of some wonderful people and lots of perseverance. I now try to make life happier for others, especially those having difficult times.
I try especially to honor our veterans, particularly those in nursing homes who need help.
I hope to do a special kindness for another and pass this Butterfly along so they will pay it forward.
Thank you for being my friend, Dorilee.

By Dorilee
I am an abuse survivor. It took a lot of butterflies over the years to lift me up. I never felt like I truly thanked them all. Now that I am free and giving back, and most of my friends do, This is a wonderful way to truly honor the Spirit of giving back. Thank you. The first butterfly took flight this morning.

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