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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I will never forget all the times in the snow, multiple times in the pouring rain - and the overall readiness of each of us to serve those with so little…

We both have a deep faith and a deep connection with a mindset that nothing should go to waste.

I will be watching your journey when you make your transition in July to your new location and I look forward to seeing your new journey unfold. ❤️

On behalf of my ministry / CARIE CARES/ SOUL SINGER , I would like to present this coin / award to a dear friend: Chelsea McElhinny

Throughout the pandemic (and long after) we have tag teamed through different abundance of donations and made a huge difference in our communities.

As an active member of the military and their spouse community - as she prepares to leave for a new chapter in her families life, I want her to know I am forever grateful and I wish her to pay this forward when the time is right

God put each other on our paths for a reason -and no matter the amount of time, I will never forget her.

May God bless you and your foot paths. Love. Carie Lynne ( CARIE CARES / SOUL SINGER)

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