Coin x33m

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by John-Cicolella
3 storytellers
6 miles traveled


Given to Jen Hart who supported her team and clinic during a pandemic while wearing multiple hats with added responsibilities. Jen advocated for adequate PPE for patient and staff safety, revised workflows unique to primary care, and helped to create an innovative nursing role within the clinic. This new role will provide needed support to front end operations, support the mission of the clinic, and provide better care to the population they serve. Jen is a dedicated leader who seeks out opportunities for improvement and the staff and patients are lucky to have Jen in this role. Thank you Jen!

Given to Laura Inclema at our Ambulatory Nursing Leadership retreat in hopes we can continue to inspire kindness throughout our organization and then beyond. Laura is working to build a leadership structure that mimics the mission behind these coins- to look for opportunities to help someone. We constantly are looking for ways to improve our services to patients and to work well as a nursing team. Laura is a fantastic role model to her leadership team and has created a culture of kindness among us.

Given to Kristy Lamb for being a part of the Rescue Pit leadership team where she does a remarkable job recruiting, engaging, and organizing volunteers to ensure we can carry out our mission!

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