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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by Mom_turns_80
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I received this butterfly coin at my 80th birthday party in Golden, CO. I’m passing it to young friends from church along with a set of barbecue tools. They bought their first home in February and recently bought a grill. Note: the barbecue set was a free gift to us for buying a piece of furniture, but we can’t use it. Happy grilling, Jen and Matt! And

This is one of 30 butterfly coins which were distributed in honor of our mother's 80th birthday party, June 9, 2019. Nancy lives her life thinking of others - an extra meal for a friend who is sick, a quick phone call to check in on someone's day, hours volunteering at a soup kitchen or for church. Help us spread her lifetime of integrity, kindness, and tolerance throughout the world with these coins!

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