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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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My butterfly coin was given to me by one of my colleagues. We began our teaching careers together. I was fortunate enough to work on the same team as her this past year and learned a lot from her! Our lives have taken us to different areas now, but I am grateful to have learned from her!

My butterfly coin was given to me by one of my 3rd grade students, Adam. He bounced into my classroom on a Wednesday morning telling me about his Uncle Matt. His smile when he talked about his uncle spoke volumes about his love for him. Adam proceeded to tell me about his uncle and his birthday, and how his family "likes to do something nice for him every year". Not only does Adam inspire me everyday to be a better person, he also practices being a kind and compassionate person on a daily bases. I will pay kindness forward in honor of Uncle Matt and Adam. Although I have never met Matt the way his family honors and speaks of him leaves me with no doubts that he left behind a world that was more beautiful and kind for having him in it. In honor of Uncle Matt we pay kindness forward!

This coin is in memory of my uncle Matt. Matt passed away in 2012 from Lupus. Each May our family tries to do something to honor him on his birthday. Matt loved helping people and was a Firefighter and EMT before he became too ill to respond to calls. This year we are passing along the Butterfly coins. We hope you will do an act of kindness in his memory and pass the coin along. Please be sure to add a note to this coin's story.

May also happens to be Lupus Awareness Month and the Butterfly is one of the symbols used to raise awareness because one of the signs is often a butterfly rash across the face. Please visit for more information on this devastating disease.

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