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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by nursebeth70
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I feel very privilege to have been given this coin and to add to its journey. The person that gave the coin to me has made me feel honored in receiving it and hope that I may live up to the responsibility it entitles me. May this coin have a long and successful travel and come full circle

The coin I received from my friend Beth I carried with me daily. I'd ride my trike around our community, Seaside Resort. Mostly I was looking for milkweed. It was early in April 2019 and I was considering raising Monarchs for a second year - just considering mind you. But nobody just considers raising Monarchs. I'd sign up for Monarch sites and looked up Monarch information. Who was I kidding - considering raising Monarchs for a second year! Well, I knew of one spot in the park where I'd gotten milkweed, seed pods and caterpillars last year. But they'd been sprayed and there was a new tenant on the lot. I passed it by several times, but didn't go onto the lot as no one was outside. So I kept on riding and noticed the red/orange flower of the milkweed in a garden around the block. I watched it and looked for seed pods, but none and it was only the one stem. One day Bonnie was tending the garden, I asked her if she knew there was a milkweed in her garden. She'd noticed it and was watching over it for more sprouts. I offered her seeds I'd ordered online and some others gotten from the plants on the other lot last year. She planted them in the corner of her garden and showed me where. I've watched over them as Bonnie and her husband Jeff have now gone back to New Hampshire for the summer. I look forward to her first post for this coin. Thanks Bonnie for you interest and concern for Monarchs. Together and all of us, we'll keep them migrating, Trish

I received this coin from my friend and neighbor in Key West FL on Big Coppitt Key on April 11, 2019. Beth mentioned I am raising Monarch Butterflies, this is my second year. Last year I raised and released 36 in our small community here. This year I have raised and released 20 so far. I have 2 more to release. I am worried about one chrysalis. It has been black for quite a long time and hasn't emerged yet. That's one of the two, the other is eating mandarin orange and Gaterade on cotton ball. It's too windy today to let her go. If the other does emerge I'll release both tomorrow when it's not as windy. Then I have no more caterpillars. They have been hard to find this year. The milkweed we bought didn't produce any so far.

I'd like to tell you about our miracle butterfly. She traveled with us on a 1,000 mile trip as a chrysalis. We took the enclosure as we had intended to stay overnight. She remained as a chrysalis along with a few others thru out our trip. The next morning she emerged from the chrysalis and must not have gotten a good grip on it as she fell to the bottom of the enclosure. She remained still the rest of the day. When she did flutter I could see that her lower wing was turned under. Six others also emerged, when I was releasing them I hoped she would not escape the enclosure as I felt she was not strong enough to fly, even though that day was calm. She stayed in the enclosure overnight and late in the afternoon, she crawled onto my husband's hand. He took her outside, straightened out her wing and off she went. We feared she would fall into the canal right in front of our house, but she flew straight and true over the rooftops across the canal and into the wild blue yonder.

There is more to this story. I had been given information that she may be sick and should be euthanized. I said if that was true I could not do it, that I would release her and ''let nature do what nature does''. That was the day before. When we did release her as I've told you. Nature did what nature does and away she flew with her wing straightened. God takes care of all his creatures, even the tiny ones.

So now I have the butterfly coin in my pocket waiting to find a way to do a random act of kindness and pass it along. Be back to you when I have succeeded. Be kind and fly on. Trish

These coin is going to my fried in Key West,Florida
She raises and releases Monarchs in our little community
on Big Coppitt Key

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