Coin x68s

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by rzomisky
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Received this coin from an amazing friend and coworker at Mirum agency in Downtown San Diego.

My intent was to a hold it for a short time and regift to a complete stranger, but I lost it. Two years, a job change and a global pandemic go by, and my partner and I moved to a new home, rediscovering this beautiful coin during the unboxing process at our new place. With much excitement, all the positing, loving feelings came rushing back from the very first day I saw it on my desk along with a note that made my heart smile.

My intent this time around is A. To NOT lose it! :P and B. give it to our amazing new neighbor who is moving out of our building. I want to let her know she brings with her all my love and joy as I cheer her on in the next journey.

Butterfly love to you, good neighbor-friend.

I received this coin from my friend and co-worker at Mirum Agency in San Diego. She bought me a coffee and it made my day! Cheers to spreading the little joys.

I received this coin on Mother’s Day in San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful reminder of the effect of kindness 😊 I am so excited to pass the coin and kindness forward. I hope it brings joy to many all over the world!

This coin began it's journey at the TARDIS Little Free Library in San Diego, CA. I hope it finds many wonderful adventures and puts many smiles on faces!

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