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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by trishebear
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This is the first coin I gave out. I got started when I received my first coin from my friend Beth in my community here in Key West. After receiving it I passed it on to another monarch lover, Bonnie in our community here. Then I purchased 3 of my own to pass along. My first is to Michelle D. We met thru mentioning Monarchs. After several encounters seeing Michelle, she told such a moving story of loving Monarchs in her childhood and of her father and family. I was so moved by her story, I pulled the coin I carried from my pocket and said, "I have to give you this, you have moved me so much with your story". I then explained the coin's purpose and how it is to pass on acts of kindness to others. I can't wait for her post as well. She is such a kind genuine person, I just know she passes out kindness every day. Thanks Michelle for being my first person to pass on kindness and spontaneous acts to others. Pass it on, Trish

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