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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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Kindness can find you at a crossroads and steer you in a direction that helps you find peace. At a time when I was ready to walk away from 10 years with DOC, one conversation helped change my path. Finally, after years of frustration, I felt heard, valued and most importantly, appreciated. Kindness has a ripple effect and the person receiving this coin has played a major role in revitalizing our institution. If you have received this coin, please add your story and then pass it on to someone who needs a reminder that they matter and they are important. In an environment that can be stressful, challenging and sometimes dangerous, we need to remember to uplift each other. I would love to see how far this coin can go and stay within our DOC family. Please be safe and take care of each other.
K. DeMond, SCLO

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