Coin x8n8

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by Dawn
3 storytellers
3,461 miles traveled


We received this coin from our lovely boat friends Tom & Karen from Sandpoint, Idaho who inspired us to cruise the gulf islands for a month at a time, taking us out & showing us the way on our first adventure. We always meet up for good times when our cruising allows, they rock!
Recently we discovered that some amazing friends of ours were facing major challenges with vehicles. They are wonderful artists with big hearts, 3 strapping sons & we love spending time with them. As we knew they couldn’t afford another vehicle, we gifted them the old car that I had been driving. We know with their generous spirits, they will enjoy paying this coin forward. Helen & Ron

I have passed my coin onto two very fine friends in Nanaimo, BC. They have been and continue to be very warm and inclusive. Most people from British Columbia are nice people but these two take the cake.

I received this coin from Dawn. A very generous gift. I will look for an opportunity to pass it along.

My friend Tom LOVES and LIVES orchids. Today I stopped in to garden gawk and he immediatley handed me one of his progeny plants. Super kind. Always. Thanks Tom Tillisch!

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