Russle’s Rebirth

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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To you Russle, a beautiful soul whose deep wounds were not hidden from me. Although you appeared unaffected and positive, I could only sense the dire straits under your circumstances as I deduced between the lines of your story.

Russle, while I only met you over the sale of a large conch shell, I sensed your sheer devastation over the impending liquidation of your entire life and the need to move away from your wife and young children. Christ has put it on my heart to pray for your upcoming journey as you leave your family behind as you walk the lonely desert to a new chapter.

As I left your yard sale, I can only imagine that you probably can barely breathe some days under the stress and sadness. I want you to know that your kind spirit and demeanor is an inspiration and testimony to show up and put one foot in front of the other to say yes to life taking it on its own (sometimes gut-wrenching) terms.

I send you this butterfly coin to remind you to keep paying it forward with your strong and courageous positive attitude and know that you are in the hands of a great and almighty God who loves you like His own kid -because you are!

May you find peace and comfort and carry that little rainbow crystal in your pocket as a reminder of Jesus— the author of redemption and love - knowing that your path is filled with holy light as you head into the darkness. Faith is the light your hearts sees when your eyes only see dark.

No matter how your situation to leave your beautiful family came about, nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Thanks for the great deal on some of your earthly treasures that you passed on to me and my family. Your generous hands and wonderful spirit will not be forgotten. Remember Christ in all things You are reborn into your new life on your extended fishing trip (Jesus was a fisher of men!)

Do good and fly on! You are headed for a great adventure. Do the right thing one decision at a time.

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