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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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We received this beautiful coin from our Goddaughter and her family at a dinner party we hosted for them. It was a Bon Voyage & Good Luck dinner. Their daughter, Abby, was about to compete in the World Jump Rope Championships - Oslo Fjord, Norway. We hope having had this coin brings her luck. It is such a lovely gift and we will be passing it on to dear friends in Cambridge, Ontario who are always doing kind things for us and for people around the world. We are currently looking after their Bichons while they attend an out-of-town wedding and will give it to them upon their return. It will be interesting to follow its' journey.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Bud are my parents dearest friends. They are my God Parents and they have always been so warm and loving with all of us - all our lives! We have been blessed! We are going to their house for dinner on Friday June 21st so I thought this would be a neat hostess gift. Plus they have lovely friends all over the world they can 'pay it forward to' so it will be cool to see where it goes...
Love you! Michelle Kerry Abby and Mabel. XO

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