Coin x98d

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by guest_h63zcwk
2 storytellers
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I am giving this coin to my "second dad" (Joe) in Maryville, Missouri. He was my athletic trainer in college at Northwest Missouri State University but has become more like family. We love his kiddos and one of his daughters (Austyn Jo) is my god-daughter. I am giving Joe this coin in memory of my triplet sister (Hillary) who passed away in a car accident when we (myself and my sister Candace) were 5 years old. I am hoping Joe passes this coin onto someone special in his life that has lost a loved one in memory of his sister who passed away from cancer a couple years ago. I love you Joe!!

I would like to pass my coin to Jake Vollstedt. He is an amazing young man and is a "light" for all of those around him. His energy is contagious and is an extremely hard worker. I appreciate his support in and away from the workplace. I am passing the coin on in remembrance of my sister Kelly.

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