Coin x9f5

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by jeffbreakey
2 storytellers
2 miles traveled


Jeff - thank you for thinking of me! You are a great friend and I appreciate it! I have decided to pass this coin along to Elma. Elma is doing an internship as an office assistant and I truly appreciate her help. She is a wonderful person with an amazing story of growing up in the Philippines and moving to the US a number of years ago. I encourage her to be a blessing in her journey to happiness and to help others through sharing some of the experiences that has shaped her being. Wishing you all the best as you ponder the "Butterfly Effect".
- Scott

This coin begins its journey with one of my best friends, Scott Beals. He is a man of immense talent and a huge heart. You rarely meet anyone throughout life who is as generous, friendly and wise. I'm sure Scott will smile when he receives the coin and he'll immediately begin to think of who needs an "Act of Kindness." The question is, who doesn't! And that's the beauty of this project, we get to encourage, inspire and track one of the most important things in our culture... helping others when it's least expected. Scott is kind and generous to everyone he meets and he's always lending a helping hand. I have a feeling this coin is going to bless many many lives throughout it's journey.

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