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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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.....And pay it forward you did Colleen! Hi, I'm Scott from Putnam County NY. I am the lucky recipient of this beautiful coin from my wonderful friend Colleen after telling her about a ceremony my mother and I went to for those who have lost loved ones (my brother Dean). Ironically, it was a butterfly ceremony where they were to be released to fly at the end. Long story short, it was a very hot day, and some of the butterflies did not survive. This included the one my mother and I were given. Needless to say we were both upset and disappointed. In steps Colleen with this thoughtful and unique gesture. This coin to me represents not only that butterfly that perished that day, but the memory of my brother Dean. Thank you Colleen, for allowing them to fly once again. Truly a symbol of hope and inspiration that I look forward to passing on to the next person.

My name is Colleen Caranfa of Ridgefield CT ( 06877 ). I am the 1st person to receive this beautiful Butterfly Effect of Kindness Coin. It was given to me by Suzanne Brennan of the Lounsbury House here in Ridgefield CT. Suzanne is a champion of compassion. Her commitment to bring compassion to not only the Community Center but to Ridgefield as well is evident in her ever present efforts and effervescent attitude. Suzanne gave me this coin after we both shared conversations of loss, love and the power of GRATITUDE. She let me know that I am never alone. She handed me the coin and lifted me up with wings of comfort and joy. Thank you thank you thank you! I can't wait to pay it forward!

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