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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by kjramZ
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Having spent the past five days in the beautiful land of the Outer Hebrides, I am passing this coin on to Andrew, our extraordinaire tour manager.

Andrew has displayed a very special quality of kindness to our entire traveling troupe. Throughout our journey, he has been relentless in overseeing every detail, making sure that everyone’s needs of our tour group of 31 senior adults have been seen to in a very personalized way.

It takes a specially gifted person to continually shown such kindness and thoughtfulness to so many different people, who come from so many different backgrounds, from all around the world. Andrew has set an example of positivity, thoughtfulness, and kindness that we should all strive for in our lives.

This butterfly was passed on to me by my dear friend, Katherine, on my 65th birthday. She is a beautiful retired teacher who exemplifies giving love and sharing kindness with her students, colleagues, and friends. She is an inspiration of what a teacher should always be.

As I celebrate my 40th year in education, along with my husband's and my retirement, we are traveling to Scotland to fulfill one of our Bucket List dreams of attending the Fringe, the famous International Theatre Festival held each year in Edinburgh. We our both educators who were not able to travel during the 11 months of school teaching/planning/counseling/training, so we are looking forward to exploring our beautiful world during times when school is in session.

This butterfly is flying with us in our adventure. As we explore the highlands of Scotland, I look forward to passing this coin on to a very special person. I will update the story after our journey.

This coin is flying to one of the most generous people I know.

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