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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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As a butterfly flies from place to place so does this coin. His new travel experience is across the Mississippi and into Davenport, Iowa and the home of LuAnn Sharp. As LuAnn goes through a very difficult time may this adventure bring a smile to her life. She is a very creative person who loves the outdoors and has the most beautiful habitat for natures wonders. Our families have been friends for many years and we have watched her children grow from birth to be successful young adults. This is another fun way for us to share a new experience together. LuAnn is a retired teacher and used her wisdom to lead so many young people down the right path. Including myself by encouraging me with the strength to return to teaching after being a stay at home Mom. Onward together tracking our butterflies adventures.

I have passed this butterfly coin on to my friend Janice Ruma. She is a very giving and caring person. Janice shares my love of Monarchs and is interested in providing a positive environment for them. Janet volunteers and is always ready to help others. She loves her family and supports them in so many ways always with a positive attitude. I am confident that she will continue to spread kindness in all she does.

This butterfly coin is released to Kathy on this very special day of love...Valentine's Day! Kathy gives of herself each and every day to God, her family, friends, church, and those in need! She has a big heart and very caring soul! She is a shining example of one who spreads kindness! She is also a lover and supporter of the Monarch! Do good and fly on Kathy!

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