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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by David-Leslie-Abusdal
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I recieved this coin some years ago from a collegue of mine. I was helping him with his tasks as he was new in this, ad had way to much work to to handed down to him from management, and no assistance there at all. Tried to assist as much as possible, and he gave me this coin as a token of gratitude. I really appreiciated it, Thnx David, really appreciated this.

Now it is my turn to give this coin to another.
This person helped me out alot when I was separated from my Wife. He gave me a place to live was and was really good support through tough times.
Thnx a lot Stian.

Recieved this nice coin from a fellow geocacher that asked me for some help as he was traveling from South Texas, America to Norway by a cruise ship.

He kindly asked if i could organize an event WWFM for him and his wife to join in on. I helped him with putting this up, give him directions, payment method to get there as bus in Bergen needs an app to pay. Timesceduels and bus numbers that were going in the correct directions. And made sure that they were taken back to the bus safely after the event.

There was a group of approx 10 people with kids that meet up, and we all had a lovely talk during the hour we spent together. TaxProRGV (Rick) had some gifts to give away for everyone that meet up. And that is how i got this coin, to let me know that he appriciated my kind help and service i had showed him.

I have now decided to pass it on to a work college that is leaving my job for another company. I give this to him for his great kindness in helping me as a newbe in this firm as i have only been working here approx three months. And his help and support has been so great that i would like to give him something that will remind him off me, and to let him know that i am very greatful for all his help.

So thank you ever so much Roy.


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