Coin xc2c

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by Lisa-Robinson
2 storytellers
4 miles traveled


Chrystal Kelly - This coin was given to me by a dear friend and co-worker. I didn't give to someone right away, because the coin gave me comfort by sitting in the arms of my Mom's Angel. I sat it there to help my mom soar along with the butterflies. It actually gave me a piece of sanity in my life. I call this coin the 4142 Depot Monarch and I shall give this to a friend who I know needs our prays with family. So I give this coin to my new Depot Friend who knows that I care with every fiber of my being. Please let it travel to someone else within our Depot walls.

I give this coin to you as a token of my affection. This coin will travel a beautiful journey and you are a part of that. Please enjoy it for a moment but find someone in this building who you would like to gift it to..take a moment to leave a message for the next person right here, thank you, for being you!

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