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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I am honored to pay forward our Chamberlain University Irwindale, CA Butterfly Coin to Kathy Cecchin, our Administrative Coordinator. Kathy has continued to role model flexibility and an eagerness to learn and be innovative in supplying our department and classrooms. On an exceptional note, on Kathy's way home from work, she witnessed a trailer detach from a truck on the freeway and she wondered why the truck did not stop to retrieve the trailer. She immediately called the police to report the detached trailer on the freeway. She came to find out from her neighbor that their trailer was stolen and again Kathy notified the police. Kathy's neighbors were elated when their trailer was returned to them. This goes on to demonstrate Kathy's kindness and integrity even when no one is looking. She goes above and beyond to do the right thing always and we are extremely blessed to have her as part of our Irwindale, CA campus team. We love & appreciate you, Kathy, for always being an extraordinary colleague! :) - Vina Ocampo, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chamberlain University, Irwindale, CA

This is the first entry for this coin that we have begun for our campus to share with our colleagues for our Chamberlain BSN program. Our coin will be given to someone who has provided someone or group of individuals an act of kindness or to someone who has received an act of kindness and then that person would "pay it forward" to someone else and pass the butterfly coin on to someone else. This way the coin will hopefully be shared with all!
This coin was given to the Dean, Academic Affairs for Chamberlain Irwindale campus, Vina Ocampo for organizing weekly self-care walks for colleagues that utilize the walking path on the campus which encircles one of the buildings and through the garden courtyard in the center of one of the buildings that provides a wonderful location to enjoy the surroundings and also participate in a walk.

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