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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I met a beautiful soul at shaky knees 2021 that was alone in the crowd. We met and hit it off like no other. My uncle Local H performed at the show and I took her to his vip tent to charge her phone to make sure she would be okay. After that we went to a art/dance/rave/freestyle/arcade hall that night. We spent most of the weekend together going back to shaky knees and went to a state park. I never met anyone like her and feel that she healed a great big part of me that was prevalent for years. She flew back home yesterday and I hope on everything we meet again one day ♠️

was given to me by my bestfriends grandfather.. i received the coin and a lot more good energy flowed my way after:) i hope it does the same to the next person i sent its way to

Matter a fact much love to the whole family everyone who's been helping out making it possible. Couldn't do it without you, simple as dirt

Much love to my 2nd or 3rd fam

Cris Mata does a great job helping out on the farm. She is a mother, hard working, and knows how to get the job done right. Her work inspires others around her to continue striving to get it done. Much love to Cris Mata

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