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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by waynesegal
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I work at a retail store, and my team had a rough day of sales on Friday. Business and traffic was low, so in an effort to increase team morale, I cooked breakfast for my coworkers. Before work, I cooked a large batch of fresh pancakes and made fresh coffee. To accompany the pancakes, I bought maple syrup and an assortment of fresh berries. It made the whole team very happy and excited to start the day!

My roommate reminded me that the application for a credited internship was due, and helped me apply. Without her reminding me and helping me, I may have not gotten the opportunity to intern next semester!

My friend knows that I have been searching for internships in the beauty industry, and recently sent me a job posting for a Marketing Internship at a haircare brand that I hadn't seen! She always sends me internship postings that she thinks I would be interested in, to ensure that I don't miss out on an opportunity.

I was having trouble completing my excel homework, and my friends from class joined me in the computer lab to help me finish the assignment!

My friend printed my homework for me and brought it to class because I wasn't able to print it on time. We had to hand the homework in today, and I was able to turn it in on time!

My dad gave this coin to me in order to encourage the spread of kind acts, and witness their results. Today, my dad left work early to go for a walk at a state park with me. Living in New York, my dad knows that I don't get to enjoy nature as often, and wanted to make sure I got to experience the fall weather.

I bought this coin to teach my 4th grade students the power of kindness and how a simple act of kindness can create a ripple effect. Please pay it forward so my students can witness the power of the butterfly effect.

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