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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by Sheila
2 storytellers
1,774 miles traveled


About a month ago I was at work on a busy day. A woman came up to the drop off counter and was clearly in pain and uncomfortable being on her feet. She asked for the restroom key and I told her she had to get it from the front end cashier. As I started to work on her prescription I noticed she just went and sat down instead. I quickly went to get the key and brought it to her. It was something so little but she appreciated it so much. She gave me this coin and encouraged me to keep doing kind things for others no matter the greatness.

At the Rite aide pharmacy in Lake Stevens, Washington today, I asked the girl taking prescriptions if I could have the key to the restroom. She said I would have to go to the front desk to get it. I had an injured hip and didn't want to make the walk so I said never mind. In less than a minute she came running up to me and gave me the key. And she acted like it was the best thing she had done all day. I could see that doing kindnesses for people was an automatic reaction for her so I gave her this coin. I told her she could follow the rules of the program or do what I did.
I am more comfortable giving the coins to someone who selflessly goes the extra mile for someone than following the rules of the program and giving it to someone I do something for. Maybe acknowledging her good deed was my good dead.

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