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Monarch ā€“ 2nd Edition ā€“ 2019
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I was given this coin by my sweet loving Aunt Laura she said she was sending it to me for the work I do for the family it is called the butterfly effect of kindness an Iā€™m to pay it forward to someone special Kathy & Michael our new neighbors and best friends thank you both for being here for us love always

I bought 2 coins for Valentine's presents for my husband and myself. This one is mine, I can't wait to send it to my niece Martha who just moved to Florida from Texas. She is the kindest person I have ever known and she has kept our family together for the last 40 years. She has always invited our entire family for all the major holidays to her home, and has cooked and entertained us all. We will miss her very much. I know she won't have the coin very long because she is always doing kind things for everyone in her path. Fly on to Florida little butterfly.

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