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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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To Gia Randazzo, a dear friend who's more like family. Gia has been a tremendous source of positivity and support, not only to me personally, but to my daughter in particular. At a time when things were turning upside-down for my child, Gia stepped in with countless displays of support and compassion in ways that few others would. I am constantly amazed and impressed by her ability to love and support others. She has been there, without ever being asked, to do the supportive things, like being a shoulder to cry on... all the way to the tough things like helping us move in an emergency situation. To our very own Earth Angel, I'm passing on this special coin to you... and I know you'll find an amazing place to pay it forward.

To Kristy and Glen, what a remarkable couple. I believe you set the bar for southern hospitality. The kindness, generosity, consideration and attention to detail that you both display in everything you do and towards everyone you meet is truly an inspiration. You made our experience with your wonderful band at the House of Blues in Dallas unforgettable. I look forward to a long friendship which I already truly value. Thank you

To Michael, your kind demeanor is a testimony to the God you serve.

Thank you for your inspiration to the world of music as well as to your family and friends. In our short crossing of paths, I sense that you glue that maintains gentle order and focus, and I applaud you for the behind the scenes force that keeps heads (and hearts) grounded. Your dad would be proud of your supportive, steadfast relationship with your brother (The relationship is nothing short of extraordinary and intrigues the heck out of me) and your beautiful wife, Dani, as you finish the race on this side. I love how you really "see" people. Hurry back to Talus Rock Retreat, do good, and FLY ON!

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