Coin xh53

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by hollymichaelson
3 storytellers
2,247 miles traveled


I received this coin with a beautiful note from my friend and former colleague, Bev and was taken back by her perception of me and my battle with breast cancer. After reading that note, I knew this coin needed to make it to someone special who always gives hope to others but who sure could use a little hope of her own.
I hope that Shawn shares her story here with all of you because it is so powerful and I hope that this coin brings her a little bit of love and a lot of hope.

I was so happy to receive this coin from my friend Holly Michaelson as part of Hope Days 2019. I look forward each year to coming up with new ideas for my random acts of kindness in memory of Holly's sister Hope. Thus far I have personally thanked our walkers at the JDRF One Walk and I have given homemade fudge to the staff at many of the doctor's offices and PT staff that have gotten me back on my feet after a bad fall off of a ladder several months ago. I have a few more things planned over the next few days that will bring a little joy to people I care about.

I am sending this Butterfly Coin back to NY to a friend and previous colleague who has inspired me in many ways. Jean Marie Trick is a breast cancer survivor who never let her cancer get in her way. I have followed her story during her battle and she never let her cancer get in the way of being a fabulous wife and mother. She is a positive role model for everyone facing this battle and I want her to know how much I admire her for all she does to bring awareness to this dreadful disease. The world could use a few more people like Jean Marie!

This coin was given to Bev, a dear friend and former co-worker, to kick off Hope Days 2019. Bev has embraced Hope Days with enthusiasm and is currently recovering from her own surgery. She also knows loss too intimately. I gave her a package of my handmade cards (that she can use during Hope Days), along with this coin, to send my love across the miles. She can use the cards to spread some kindness to people she knows. I am hoping the coin arrives today, May 1 so this coin's journey may begin!

This coin was purchased for Hope Days 2019. Hope Days was founded on May 1, 2015 to celebrate what would be Hope Cookis-McCarthy’s last birthday. She was turning 49 and was nearing the end of a two year battle with stage IV colon cancer. Her tribe of family and friends wanted to show her she was cherished and to bolster her courage to continue the fight as long as she could. Hope’s entire life was based on kindness and empathy for people and animals, always taking care of others and adopting strays from the time she was a child. She put others above herself.

Between May 1-13, we invite you to spread kindness. This can be anything YOU are comfortable doing, for ANYONE you wish to do it for. You are invited to pay it forward and make the world a nicer place in memory of Hope.

Find us on Facebook at or @HopeDays13

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