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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by hollymichaelson
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I received this coin from my friend, Mary, who gave me a gift certificate for a hotel stay. It brought refreshment!
I gave this coin to a friend after I supported her in her service of decorating for a Christmas dinner for International students. I attended and contributed to the dinner, and provided her with transportation. The whole evening reflected the true spirit of Christmas!

I received this coin from my friend,Nancy who shared her knee walker with me as I contemplate foot surgery. I have given the coin to another friend, after I gave her a certificate for a free night and breakfast in a hotel for two in Saratoga Springs, this last Sept. I know they enjoyed their stay. Mary

After receiving this coin from Jen I passed it on to a coworker and friend, Mary. I had a knee walker that I used following foot surgery and it made the getting around so much easier than crutches. My friend is anticipating foot surgery herself. I passed along the knee walker to her so that her recovery will hopefully be a little easier. ...Nancy

After receiving this coin from Holly, I decided to pass it on to my fellow science teacher and friend, Nancy. I had made a pair of DNA earrings earlier in the year that she admired, so I got out the beads and made a pair for her to go along with the coin.

This coin was given to Jennifer to kick off Hope Days 2019. Jen has been a dear friend to me during my own cancer journey, and an invaluable volunteer to help me prepare for Hope Days 2019. Her expertise and efficiency are unparalled and we couldn't have done it without her help to prep for this year! I made her some handmade cards (that she can use during Hope Days) and gave her this coin, to show my sincere appreciation. This coin's journey may now begin!

This coin was purchased for Hope Days 2019. Hope Days was founded on May 1, 2015 to celebrate what would be Hope Cookis-McCarthy’s last birthday. She was turning 49 and was nearing the end of a two year battle with stage IV colon cancer. Her tribe of family and friends wanted to show her she was cherished and to bolster her courage to continue the fight as long as she could. Hope’s entire life was based on kindness and empathy for people and animals, always taking care of others and adopting strays from the time she was a child. She put others above herself.

Between May 1-13, we invite you to spread kindness. This can be anything YOU are comfortable doing, for ANYONE you wish to do it for. You are invited to pay it forward and make the world a nicer place in memory of Hope.

Find us on Facebook at or @HopeDays13

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