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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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Happy New Year Kelly,

After receiving the coin from my mom I decided that you would enjoy journeying with me to the west coast as I took the risk of starting my outpatient career as a Physical Therapist :) I want to also thank you for being part of my inspiration during my first ever marathon, I don't think I could have finished it without you!

Often during the weekdays I thought of you, particularly in the early months of living in Oregon as I was adventuring on the coast, mountains, and lakes that I know you enjoyed so much when you spent your time here with us. I brought you with us during my second ever surfing adventure and wow was that quite the experience!!

Between skiing, mountain hiking, and exploring it has been a blur of events. I was able to pass off the butterfly to Sean for you to spread your wings and cherish all the memories and splendors that Chicago has to offer.

Kelly, your presence continues to make a drastic impact in my life, regardless of the situation through your grace and through our lord Jesus Christ. God bless and I know I will be seeing you in the future.

With lots of love,


Dearest Kelly,

I have hung on to this coin for a year-selfishly because I didn't want to let go of something that you gave me. But it's time to let it fly so I will be passing it on to the Mann family members as you requested. Tomorrow will be a year since you passed and our hearts are so very broken but what a legacy you left us with! This project is so symbolic of all that you are-giving to others and loving unconditionally.

Rather than one good deed, I have made a commitment to make giving a part of my everyday live-something that would come so naturally to you. Since you passed, I dedicated myself even more intensely to my mom and dad's care until they too passed on. I visited mom every day for four months and made sure she was alright. In addition, I made connections with elderly residents at mom's care center and built relationships with the staff. I have been showing a lot of care and love for our graduate student from Nepal-buying her gifts to bring back home, making sure she has enough food, and listening to her as she shares her thoughts on being so far from home. Currently I am reading a book over the phone every week to an elderly family friend in a nursing home. With COVID19 she can't have visitors and so we are reading together and chatting. Finally, the Mann family will go to Grandpa and Grandma's house to clean up their yard as Randy is in such pain with his back.

So my dearest Kelly, I am working so very hard to make giving more a part of who I am-something I learned from you. You continue to inspire me and I miss you every day. Well done good and faithful one.

In love and light,

I received my first butterfly coin from my aunt Julie and I loved the idea so much that I purchased my own coins to acknowledge special people in my life. I have received so many blessings during my journey with cancer and I wanted to plant the seed for more love and kindness to grow.

I wanted Beth to have this coin as a token of appreciation and gratitude for her loving support and friendship. She is very special to my family and me! She has always been such a kind and gentle friend who has brought a lot of happiness to my life.

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