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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I was honored to receive this coin from Emily who was not only a valued colleague, but now a treasured friend. I have had a wonderful experience at To Life! and have met incredible colleagues and breast cancer survivors and thrivers. As I move on in the next chapter of my life, I pass this coin to Sue with all best wishes. She welcomed me from day one and has been nothing but kind every day that we have worked together. Thank you, Sue. This coin is much deserved.
Melanie McCulley

This coin was passed along to me by Deb Macejka! I taught Deb's daughter years ago and Deb found me at a Breast Cancer Survivor event. She has paid forward to our community so many times. One of my favorite memories is her organizing an event at the Saratoga race track honoring survivors! I'm happy that Deb chose me to pass along the coin. I wanted to recognize an employee of To Life who works tirelessly behind the scenes. Of course Emily came to mind! I put together a nail polish care kit for Emily and made her a special butterfly card! Thank you Emily for all that you do!

This coin was given to me by Jessica Melchior, along with a lovely note! My act of kindness was buying my colleague Melanie McCulley coffee and sent her a not about how much I look up to her. She has the coin now and I know, she'll pay it forward!
-Emily Pratt

Martha McCormick passed the Butterfly Coin to me. My act of kindness was sending a wig to my Cousin in MA who recently lost her hair. She has been fighting Sarcoma cancer for many years. I then passed on the Butterfly Coin to Jessica Melchior. Jessica is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Jessica has been involved with To Life for many years.

This coin was given to Martha on the occasion of her retirement and to kick off Hope Days 2019. Martha was a source of great strength for me during some of my darkest hours during my own cancer journey. I made her a set of handmade cards that she can use during Hope Days to brighten a few other people's lives and I wrote her a heartfelt note about what she means to me. This coin's journey may now begin!

This coin was purchased for Hope Days 2019. Hope Days was founded on May 1, 2015 to celebrate what would be Hope Cookis-McCarthy’s last birthday. She was turning 49 and was nearing the end of a two year battle with stage IV colon cancer. Her tribe of family and friends wanted to show her she was cherished and to bolster her courage to continue the fight as long as she could. Hope’s entire life was based on kindness and empathy for people and animals, always taking care of others and adopting strays from the time she was a child. She put others above herself.

Between May 1-13, we invite you to spread kindness. This can be anything YOU are comfortable doing, for ANYONE you wish to do it for. You are invited to pay it forward and make the world a nicer place in memory of Hope.

Find us on Facebook at or @HopeDays13

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