Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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Deb-Thank you for your Christian sisterhood and the way you kept things real exemplifying the "bigger picture" among the worldly glamor all around you while touring with Roger Fisher. Your hubby, Marty, is an incredibly talented musician who is kind and humble, and I thoroughly enjoyed the impromptu mini-Elton John concert over breakfast!

Also, thanks for willingness to loan me an extra pair of eyelashes on the night of the performance. Had I had 2 hours to figure them out, I would have taken you up on them ---but I will. You inspire me!

I look forward to more time together and await your eventual return to Talus Rock Retreat when we can chew the fat around the fire with tequila and RedBull, and ice cream and chocolate (for you and me respectively, and in the smallest of cups for both of us..... ummmmm, well, not TOO small of course)! I absolutely love your spirit.

Continue to do good can FLY ON!
(Oh, Adam forgot his puppy...where shall we mail it? ;-)

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