Coin xk5d

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by Shemchin
3 storytellers
202 miles traveled


I rec'd this coin as a gift from a good friend It will be spending some time in my purse for a while

WOW! What an amazing bookcrossing HGG (holiday gift giving) package! Included in the package was a Texas Christmas card with 4 wheresgeorge dollars tucked inside, some bookmarks, 4 Christmas Cookbooks, Many Bookcrossing supplies including a notepad, keychain, pin, patches, temporary tatoo and lots of bookcrossing labels (many new to me), There is also a bunch of postcards that I will definitely use as well as this beautiful butterfly coin. I look forward to doing a random act of kindness and passing the coin to someone else. Thanks so much Shemchin!

I sent this coin out as part of the bookcrossing 2020 HGG packages that I am sending this year to spread the kindness around. I am hoping that the ones that receive them will do their own random acts of kindness and pass on the coins.

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