Coin xkmt

Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
Started by Shemchin
4 storytellers
1 mile traveled


Received this coin from Wyoming and sent it off, but forgot to register it. Sorry, Cousin! Got it back and will try to do it right this time. We need more kindness in the world, so I'm sending it again with hopes that we become more aware of those that need an extra dose of love and respect.

I received this coin from a fellow post/bookcrosser in the mail today along with a subway gift card and some stamps! How great is this! I plan to send it on soon. Thank you!

I'm sending this coin out to another bookcrosser along with some stamps for her postcrossing hobby and a Subway gift card.

I received this coin from a very generous bookcrosser in a HGG pkg. Will be thinking about what I can do.

I sent this coin out as part of the bookcrossing 2020 HGG packages that I am sending this year to spread the kindness around. I am hoping that the ones that receive them will do their own random acts of kindness and pass on the coins.

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