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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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I am giving this coin to my very good friend Susan Naylor, in honor of her son Charlie Naylor Moulton who passed away. Charlie was known for doing kind acts for strangers. One story struck me in particular.

After a catastrophic regional flood, Charlie was driving down a small country road. He passed a gentleman in a wheelchair clearing his land from broken trees and debris. Charlie stopped and assisted the stranger the rest of the day, cleaning his land to make it livable.

Charlie could have kept driving that day but he chose to stop and make a life long friend instead. I send this butterfly coin out into the world today, on Susan's birthday, so that the spirit of Charlie's good deeds continues.

Susan has made it her life's work to honor her two son's Charlie & Will through philanthropy. Now Charlie's butterfly coin will complement the good she is doing through individual acts of kindness. Just like Charlie.

With Love,
April Chang

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