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Monarch – 2nd Edition – 2019
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This coin was given to me by a lady in the path of grace rehabilitation program. My mother was her roommate and she told me this women didn’t have any support and was loosing her two children, I made the woman a gift basket and Bought several outfits for her children before She lost them to foster care. It was nice to see her still push forward in her recovery regardless of all the pain her past mistakes were causing her. She give me this coin because it’s all she had to repay me with. I pray who ever has this coin makes a little impact on someone’s life regardless of their past we are all human and should love one another.

This butterfly was born on April 13, 2019. My mom, Barbara, had a lovely tea party & early Easter celebration with me & my two daughters. She prepared a delicious meal with ham, cheese dip & chips, hambone soup, roasted pecans, & dessert.
Afterward we had very special Easter gifts waiting. Each gift bag contained 2 Monarch coins, like this one -- one to keep, and one to pass on. There were also sweets, and these cute rubber dogs that shoot balls from their mouth, when squeezed. We had doggie fights with our nerf balls! Mom always had a way of creating special memories.
After lunch, we went to see the Romeo & Juliet Ballet.
This was one of my mom's 2018 Christmas gifts from me & my daughter.
My parents have always put others first. This coin represents to me, all the wonderful things they do for us. Recently, they helped my daughter buy a SUV that is wonderful! She needed a car, & couldn't have gotten it without their support. I praise God for having the best parents I could have hoped for, & pray that their love inspires us all to "Pay it Forward".

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